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Quick and easy almond milk

Published : 02/26/2017 21:51:19
Categories : Recipes


1 cup raw almonds (125g)
Filter Water for soaking
2 cups water (500ml)
Pinch of sea salt
2-4 dates or dried apricots, pitted and soaked in warm water this is optional)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional, omit if you following the Whole30)


Your Lovetree nut milk bag

A Blender

Soak the almonds in water to cover for at least eight hours or overnight.  Drain and rinse the almonds and discard the soaking water.  Place the almonds, the 2 cups of water, salt, apricots or dates, and vanilla in a blender.  Blend on high speed for a minute or so until smooth. 

place the nut milk bag over a large bowl and gently pour the almond milk into the nut milk bag.  Allow it to drain for up to an hour or if your in a rush squeeze the bag to remove as much liquid as possible).  Discard pulp, or save to use in smoothies or cakes. Add more water if the milk is too thick and adjust to your own liking. Store almond milk in the fridge for 2-3 days, and shake before using.


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